Avoiding Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome at Work

An injury I had a while back was patellofemoral pain syndrome. I was training for a ½ marathon, three days a week and decided to add mountain biking on the days I was not running. It was too much for my knees and I end up with patellofemoral pain syndrome.  It is one of the…

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How to Set Up Your Stability Ball

I got an email from a customer that asked about how to select the right stability ball for the exercises that are in Your Stability Ball Exercise Guide. There are two positions to consider. Sitting on the Stability Ball If you are doing an exercise that involves sitting on the stability ball, the ball should…

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My First Blog Post

This is my first blog post on this site. I have been blogging for years when it comes to helping health & fitness professionals use exercise to help their clients overcome injuries. I have had more and more questions from the public on how they can overcome their injuries. This has lead to this blog.…

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