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Whether you want a flatter stomach, 6-pack abs, or just a stronger core that protects you and prevents pain and injuries… you need to hear this:
“Sit-ups and crunches are NOT the best way to build a strong, well-defined midsection, and
they can actually be harmful!”
Do you want a flatter stomach? 6-pack abs? Or just a rock-solid core that protects you from injuries and pain?

In just a second, I’m going to show you a better way to get all of those things!

  • This new way is safer.
  • It’s more effective.
  • It gets better results.
  • And, it enhances your overall health!
But first... you need to know why sit-ups and crunches are outdated, ineffective and potentially dangerous!
3 Reasons You Should STOP Doing
Sit-ups And Crunches

Sit-ups and crunches have been exercise staples since the 1940's, recommended by late night TV commercials, magazines and wanna-be fitness gurus at the gym.

But, for decades now, the REAL fitness experts have been saying, "No, no, no… sit-ups and crunches are NOT the best way to build a strong, well-defined mid-section, and they can actually be harmful!"

Here are 3 reasons why:
Reason #1:
Sit-ups And Crunches Can Cause Unsightly Distended “Aerobic Abs”

You might be surprised to learn that sit-ups and crunches are not the most effective method for getting a flat stomach and 6-pack abs!

Doing too many sit-ups and crunches exclusively can lead to the dreaded “aerobic abs.”  These are abs that sometimes look good from the front, but when viewed from the side, actually show a distended stomach (one that sticks out). This happens because sit-ups and crunches work too much on the surface abdominal muscles, and not enough on the deeper core muscles.

If you want a flat, attractive stomach, or 6-pack abs, you need to do more than just sit-ups and crunches. You need to work on a variety of muscles - not just surface muscles and not just abdominal muscles!

Reason #2:
Sit-ups and Crunches Can Cause Nerve Damage!

The movement we do when we do sit-ups and crunches puts an unhealthy strain on the back, right at its weakest point, which is the section that contains the most nerves.

Damage to this weak area of the spine can result in serious, chronic pain that can last a lifetime, and inhibit mobility and flexibility.

This makes doing sit-ups and crunches much riskier than we’ve been led to believe for so long!

Reason #3:
Sit-ups and Crunches Put Substantial WEAR & TEAR On Your Spine and Neck!

Sit-ups and crunches repeatedly flex and extend your spine, which is really just a series of interconnected discs. Like any piece of complicated machinery, your spinal discs are subject to wear and tear—in other words, they are only able to support a certain number of bending motions over the course of a lifetime.

Subjecting the spinal discs to the excessive wear and tear of thousands of sit-ups and crunches can reduce the ‘shelf life’ of your spinal discs, which can result in nerve damage, disc bulges, and disc herniations... all of which can cause severe chronic pain and significant incapacity, and are difficult to treat and heal.

Here’s What You SHOULD Do
INSTEAD Of Sit-ups And Crunches:

You DEFINITELY CAN get a flatter stomach, 6-pack abs, and a stronger core that protects you from injuries and pain.

But, we want to do it without hurting ourselves in the process, because otherwise it’s not worth it.

And, we want to do it in the most effective way we can, so we’re not spending hours working out everyday.

The top fitness experts have found, through study, science and experience that:
  • The best exercises for a firmer, flatter stomach and overall body strength, stability and health are those that work your abs and core while holding your spine straight.


  • Because your core is the center of power for most full body, and large muscle exercises, a workout that includes lots of exercises targeting legs, back, shoulders, and arms also becomes a good core workout.


  • The most effective and most protective way to work your abs and core is to do movements that make the muscles perform in the way they were specifically designed to work in real life, instead of training particular muscles in isolation.
We used these principles (and more) to design a program for people who want attractive abs AND a strong, stable, protective core. This program is safe, easy-to-do, and only takes around 15 minutes a day to complete!
We call this program
Armor Plated Core.
Here's the Deal:
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Armor Plated Core Includes the Following 3 Components:
1. Crunchless Abs

Sit-ups and crunches reinforce bad habits that result in bad posture, can cause nerve damage, put strain on the back at its weakest point, and put wear and tear on the spine with repeated flexion and extension.

If your goal is a flatter stomach, 6-pack abs and a stronger core, our Crunchless Abs program is a much more effective and safer option.

Chris Wilson, HSC, RKC, the Head Strength Coach here at Critical Bench, has put together this 3-Phase Program that includes 30 abdominal exercises you can perform without doing any potentially dangerous crunching. You are going to love this follow-along online video as you completely transform your abs in just 30 days from the inside out!

2. Indestructible Back

If you want a flat stomach, great abs and strong core, you’re also going to need a strong back.

The best core workouts are those that target your body’s larger muscles, so the abdominals are made to perform exactly the way they were designed to perform in real life.

And, you WON’T be able to do these full-body and large-muscle exercises and workouts without having a strong, stable, balanced back.

So, we’ve included our best-selling Indestructible Back program in the Armor Plated Core package.

Indestructible Back is an 8-week program that is designed to stabilize and strengthen your back so you are less prone to injury and pain. It will transform your back from a weak area to a strong point! You can do the exercises in this program on your cardio days, leg days, or even in between major exercises.

We teamed up with strength & conditioning coach, John Izzo, who developed this program for himself and his clients in order to help strengthen their backs and avoid future injuries.

3. Lower Back Lifestyle Audit

Did you know that bad posture can weaken your core? Did you know that good posture strengthens your core?

Most people sit way too much during the day, and most people have bad posture, both of which keep our bodies in positions that weaken our core, back, and hips.

Almost everyone could benefit from an expert audit of their posture, and an understanding of the effect their lifestyle has on their core, back, hips, and other areas of their body.

This is why we’ve included this special program that was created by pain and injury specialist Rick Kaselj, MS. In this video program, Rick will help you look at issues like:

  • How’s your posture?
  • Is your home or office desk ergonomically correct?
  • Are you sleeping in the best possible position with the right kind of pillow and mattress?
  • Do you sit too much and need to do something about it?
Rick will go over everything you need to accelerate your recovery and results in minimal time. It turns out there are a lot of quick-fix changes you can make that will drastically improve your quality of life and the strength of your core, without costing you but a few minutes.
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