Knee Injuries and Ankle Movement

This might be shocking to you but a knee injuries could be caused by your ankle movement.

Let me share with you how.

#1 – The Foot Flattens Out

If you do not have good support in your feet, this could lead to your feet flattening out.  This flattening out affects the shin and could lead to the shin rotating inwards.

This rotation inwards puts greater stress on the knee and this greater stress increase your risk of a knee injury especially an ACL injury.

#2 – Knee Comes Forward and In

If the ankle is stiff, this forces the knee to come in.  When the knee comes in, this leads to greater stress on the knee.  With this increased stress, it could lead to a knee injury.

Let me touch on one thing.  It is not just about it leading to a knee injury.  If you are recovering from a knee injury, poor ankle movement could slow down the recovery from a knee injury or lead to re-injury.

#3 – Knee Comes In

If the ankle is not strong side to side, this will force the knee to collapse in.

This is often an issue with female athletes and leads to their greater risk of ACL injuries.

Summing it All Up

If you do have a knee injury, make sure to have a look at the ankle.

Addressing stability, rigidity and movement in the ankle will help decrease the stress on the knee and decrease the risk of a knee injury.

Plus it will help in the recovery and prevention of a knee injury.

This video below of me will give you a little more info to help you out:

Thanks for reading, we will talk to you soon.

If you do have a knee injury, what will help you out is an ACL exercise program and you can get on HERE.

Rick Kaselj, MS