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Especially If You’ve Had A Hip Replacement Before!

A newer scientific study suggests that home exercise programs (implemented after a complete hip replacement) can improve patients' physical functions and quality of life [1]. In another case, balance exercises were added to the typical rehabilitation program and patients saw significant improvements in their balance and mobility [2].

This suggests that the best approach to recovery is a well-rounded, complete program.

Other randomized trials imply home exercises are so safe and effective for most patients that formal physical therapy may not be required at all [3].

But these things rely on you physically loosening up your muscles and joints.

And NOT causing yourself more pain!

Eliminating your pain shouldn’t cause more pain, right?

How easily do you get up and down in between exercises?

Concerned about making things worse?

Is this stopping your momentum before you start?

If you struggle with all the ups-and-downs (or don’t want to bother with any until you start feeling better), you might find better relief with scientifically-specialized routines you can do standing up or lying down.

Maybe it’s easier if I start at the beginning…

When I first started selling Unlock Your Hip Flexors, I received several requests for easier stretches and routines. Some people were dealing with significant pain, and they needed simpler moves they could do now, pain-free.

One lady’s story stood out to me.

Her name was Sara.

And she had recently gone through a second hip replacement.

Sara’s hip had been bothering her forever, but it stayed manageable for a long time. It wasn’t until 6 months before her first surgery that things got really painful.

She was struggling to get around at all.

Even a short walk from her couch to the front door became a tedious trek.

Things were supposed to be different after her first hip replacement.

She wanted to move around easier and feel more independent again.

Too bad that wasn’t how it played out.

Sara had a longer-than-expected recovery and began physical therapy late. She believes the slow start is what ultimately doomed her.

And there is some research to back her belief.

In 2015, a study retrospectively looked into the effects of early rehabilitation on post-total hip arthroplasty (THA). It concluded that early rehab efforts can significantly reduce incidences of prosthetic infection, total rehabilitation expenses, total medical expenses, and the number of OPD visits within a year after the procedure [4].

(which sounds like a win-win-win-win scenario to me)

In Sara’s situation, she was back to the surgeon within a year-and-a-half.

But this second time, she was determined to succeed.

She loved the information in the Unlock Your Hip Flexors routine, and she was so cautious about making things worse -- again.

She worried about every movement and wanted to know it was hip-replacement friendly.

And she had some general concerns about the transitions in between each routine. Sara was too afraid to start until she knew what was safe, but she also didn’t want to wait too long because that’s what happened the time before.

Stories like this are why I decided to provide additional stretches/exercises, along with details on how to avoid potential re-injury (even if you just had a full hip replacement).


Unlock Your Hip Flexors:

Hip Replacement Friendly Flows

This bonus program helps every hip-pain suffer by:

  • Showing them the perfect mix of static, fascial, dynamic & PNF stretches, along with the correct mobility & 3-D core stability exercises.
  • Giving them basic muscle activation techniques to-do & not to-do.
  • Detailing necessary information for anybody who needs to strengthen their hips (whether they’ve had a hip replacement already or not).
  • Outlining the proper developments for continuous improvement without any risk.
  • Freeing them from painful transitions in between each & every routine set.
  • Pointing out the problems they must stop now - Not later!
  • Explaining sets, reps, times & intensities, along with progression techniques.
  • Providing exercises that can be done from bed, which is a simpler way to provide relief for those who are really hurting. [ Don’t get up and make things worse! ]
  • Teaching basic floor/standing routines that people need to know (& are as effective as more intense exercises), but might be better in a situation where somebody is already in serious pain now.


Hip Replacement Friendly Flows

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As with all our products, you get to “test drive” Hip Replacement Friendly Flows for the next 2 months -- Risk Free. If for ANY reason you are NOT satisfied, you can simply email me to ask for a full refund. If you’re not happy with the program (and it did NOT help), I insist you take me up on it!

Hip Replacement Friendly Flows Includes:

2 Instructional Videos

(1-Standing Routine & 1-Floor Routine)

Your personal training sessions with Rick Kaselj, MS


These exclusive videos offer the easiest-to-follow stretches and exercises that guide you through the healing process, thus limiting any initial threat of reaggravation.

It’s the perfect add-on to the Unlock Your Hip Flexor program.

(especially if you’ve had a hip replacement before)


In these instructional videos, I will cover, explain and slowly demonstrate:

  • Step-by-step stretches to be sure you’re doing the movements correctly
  • The BEST exercises, resistances, frequencies & intensities for your hips
  • The most-common mistakes people make, which often result in more problems(avoid these especially if you’ve had a hip replacement!!!)

2 Follow-Along Videos

(1-Standing Routine & 1-Floor Routine)

Your personal coaching sessions with Rick Kaselj, MS


In these videos, you will follow my exercise assistant as I count out time and reps. These sessions are streamlined with less demonstration and more coaching/action. These routines are intended to jumpstart your recovery in an easy standing-or-lying position.


Helping you improve with less strain on the body!

2 Training Manuals

(1-Standing Routine & 1-Floor Routine)

These PDF manuals will help you navigate the program and stop your hip discomfort for good. The guides function as playbooks that include all of the…

  • Scientifically-based & easy-to-do stretches, exercises & movements you will perform in the Hip Replacement Friendly Flows program.
    (explained with precise detail and step-by-step instructions).
  • Start-position & end-position photos for every individual stretch/exercise.
  • Ways to safely increase your progress as things become too easy.
  • Mistakes that will likely cause you serious problems later (i.e. surgery).
  • More tips & advice for every part of Hip Replacement Friendly Flows, including the CORRECT order, resistance, weight, frequency, & intensity for each workout (in more detail than the videos).

I want you to understand how each movement SHOULD feel during every stretch or exercise, so you can be CERTAIN you’re doing it correctly.

> > >  TOTAL VALUE (4 videos, 2 PDFs)





Only $3.95

Take Control of Your Recovery & Heal Yourself More Easily!

If You Have Questions… We Have Answers

“How are these routines different than the other program (Unlock Your Hip Flexors)?”

Hip Replacement Friendly Flows is an exclusively-priced bonus offer that is only available to Unlock Your Hip Flexors customers. This program is different because it features hip-replacement friendly exercises, and all of the movements can be completed in a standing or lying-down position. Simpler, more basic stretches generally cause patients less physical stress than more complete hip-flexor routines. That’s why this is the perfect add-on (helping you start your recovery the right away)!

“How long do I get access to this bonus content?”

FOREVER – After the bonus program is purchased, you will receive COMPLETE ACCESS for the rest of your life.

“Do I simply download my program videos and manuals?”

YES – Once the program is purchased, you will receive instant access to all downloadable materials, so you can immediately begin improving.

If you need an additional way to overcome your hip discomfort (for good), I suggest you check out…

Hip Replacement Friendly Flows

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[2] - Effectiveness of balance exercises in the acute post-operative phase following total hip and knee arthroplasty: A randomized clinical trial -

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