Send Summer Out in Style With These Ultimate Labor Day Recipes!

New Cookbook Features Delicious and Healthy Recipes That Are Ideal for the End of Summer

Whether you think it has been a long hot summer or a season that was over too quick – our Labor Day cookbook features the perfect recipes to say goodbye to this year’s warm weather.

Recipes include Roasted Bell Pepper and Chickpeas Pate, Grilled Chicken Fajita Foil Packet, Persian Grilled Kabob, Tandoori Chicken and much, much more...

Use the recipes to make your Labor Day party memorable or just to keep your family full – and healthy – as summer winds down.

That’s right, the recipes in “Labor Day Entertaining: 15 Must Have Labor Day Recipes” not only taste delicious but are also good for you.

The recipes feature foods that help reduce inflammation in the body. Inflammation is very bad for your health. It can cause the signs associated with aging – like wrinkles and dry, sagging skin – and prolonged inflammation can even lead to serious diseases like cancer, diabetes and more.

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You’ll get great tasting, easy to prepare meals that also benefit your health.

The book contains 15 recipes in all – including perfect party foods, refreshing drinks and delicious desserts.

If you do throw a Labor Day Party, this cookbook will help you make it your best party ever!

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