I can almost guarantee that...


If you aren’t paying attention to
this “hidden” hip muscle...

Just this one muscle... has the power to erase your chronic back, hip, leg, and knee pain, melt away your body fat, increase your strength, endurance, vitality and energy throughout the day, and more.

Are you ready to join the thousands of people who are now living pain-free, losing weight, getting stronger and healthier, and increasing their energy and vitality every day?

YES... I’m Ready To Erase My Chronic Pain, Lose Weight, Get Stronger And Healthier, And Increase My Energy

What’s this all about?

I’ve already helped thousands of people…

  • Reduce and eliminate stubborn chronic back, hip, leg and knee pain
  • Increase strength
  • Improve overall health
  • Ratchet up their explosiveness in the gym
  • Lose weight
  • Increase energy levels throughout the day
  • And more...

…all with just one simple, easy, gentle exercise routine that targets just one muscle in your hips.

You can do this whole exercise routine in just 10 minutes a day, and you only need your body and a floor - no gym, equipment, or special workout clothes needed.

On this page, I’m going to show you this exercise routine, and how you can use it to get the same results listed above...

How can gently stretching and exercising just this one muscle erase so much pain and suffering, melt away body fat, and unlock so much health, energy and vitality?

This is one of the most important muscles in your body…

...but most people have never even heard of it.

It’s called the psoas major muscle and it’s the biggest and strongest in a group of muscles called the hip flexors.

The reason this muscle is so important is that nearly every movement you make with your body involves this muscle in some way. This muscle and the other hip flexors control your balance, your ability to sit, stand, twist, reach, bend, walk and step.

And this means that if this psoas major muscle gets tight, weak or impaired…

...you can experience a whole host of health problems, including:

  • Nagging joint pain in the legs, lower back, or hips [19-26][29]
  • Pain and instability while walking [19-27][29]
  • Hips locking up [29]
  • Bad posture [27]
  • Trouble sleeping [30]
  • Sluggishness/low energy in day-to-day life [31]
  • Increased anxiety [32]
  • Lack of explosiveness in the gym and sports [33][49-54]
  • Slower metabolism, difficulty losing weight [34-36]

OK, but how does this psoas major muscle get tight, weak or impaired in the first place?

Why so many people suffer
with pain and physical problems,
and have no idea why...

Every single day, most of us are doing something that is systematically tightening, weakening and damaging the psoas major muscle and our hip flexors…

...which causes all the ailments listed above.

The worst part is: We don’t even realize we’re doing this!

What is this thing we’re doing every day that causes so much trouble for us?


When we sit for extended periods every day, it shortens, weakens, and tightens our psoas major muscle…

...which causes all the health problems I listed above.

This is why so many people suffer and have no idea why…

...because they’ve never heard of this psoas muscle, they have no idea how important it is, and they don’t know that sitting every day for long hours is damaging this muscle, which causes all the problems we talked about above.

So, what should you do... stop sitting?

No, that isn’t realistic… and it wouldn’t fix the problem anyway.

What you need to do is heal, strengthen, and loosen your psoas major muscle and hip flexors. When you do this, it will not only compensate for all the sitting you do every day, but it will also naturally and properly realign your hips, back, upper body and lower body, which can make your pain disappear, help you lose weight, improve your strength and overall health, and increase your energy!

The good news is: it’s not difficult to fix this problem, once you know how to do it the right way.

I’ve helped thousands of people
fix this problem, easily

After I discovered the hip flexors and the psoas major muscle, and I learned how important they are, and what a powerful impact they can have on our health and happiness, I created a special 10-minute stretching and exercise routine specifically designed to heal, strengthen, and loosen the psoas major muscle and the hip flexors.

I started using this new routine with my clients and the results were amazing.

  • People with intractable pain they had suffered with for years were practically improving right before my eyes.
  • Athletes increased their explosiveness and performance in the gym and in their sports.
  • People with back, hip and knee pain were cured faster than I could believe.
  • Lots of people lost weight, and gained back so much energy they told me they felt 20 and 30 years younger.

Here are just a few of the thousands of people who have used this 10-minute exercise routine to change their lives:

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program has changed my life. I have struggled with lower back pain for the last decade with no relief from doctors or physical therapists. It was only worsened by having two children. I was taking over-the-counter pain medicine around the clock with no relief in sight.

My lower back felt better after the first day of exercising/stretching. My lower back pain was GONE after the second day. I do the program about 3-4 times a week and can feel the effects of my abs joining back together, my back getting stronger, and my hips loosening to make even just walking easier. I can see the effects of this program too. My back has already started to have a more natural curve and I’m seeing my muscles getting more toned.

I am so grateful for starting this program! I know that the more I do it, the more I will benefit from it. Thank you so much for providing such an easy fix to my decade-long problem!

Bethany Allgood

“I have a history of a rotated pelvis, tight glutes and hamstrings and all over muscle tension. I can barely walk, and certainly unable to walk upright due to severe lower back and hip pain.

I downloaded the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and proceeded to follow the routine. I continued through each exercise and feel the difference in my body. I was able to stand upright and walk!

I am in awe of the immediate impact such simple exercises/stretches have had on my body. I spent only 15 minutes going through the routine, but already feel strong, and able to engage my core while standing, which I have struggled to do for some time now.

I want to thank you for this program. It is going to transform my life!

Naomi Wyndham
New South Wales, AU

“What if I told you that you could increase your deadlift by 35 pounds in a week? You'd think I was nuts, but that's exactly what I experienced. Rick Kaselj worked with me personally to help me loosen my hip flexors and the explosiveness that was unlocked help me finally hit that 500 lb pull I've been training for.

If you do any kind of explosive lifting, Unlock Your Hip Flexors can definitely help you add pounds to your max!

Chris Wilson, SNC, RKC, CPT
Head Strength Coach, Critical Bench

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

After doing the Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercises ONCE, I felt relief that no other stretching, ice, heat, painkillers, NSAIDs gave me in the past. Very easy, time saving and targeted movements that zeroed in on my specific problem. So glad I found this program and I am grateful to you!

Now, I know what movements to do to not only correct my hip issues, but to also prevent flare ups. I didn’t realize how the physical pain and limitations were affecting me emotionally until I felt relief. But, that is how chronic pain goes, I guess. I would encourage anyone with physical limitations to try this program. I am so glad I did!

Catherine Alfer Kraning
Pittsburgh, PA

“I have been basically sidelined for a month. I’m relying on neighbors to mow my yard, going from home office to couch after work. I tried ice and heat, check up, x-rays, sent to orthopedic, then to pain management and also seeing chiropractor, best guess is lower spine pinched nerve or SI joint inflammation.

Then I saw the Unlock Your Hip Flexors ad last Sunday, I have purchased and downloaded the program. I did first set of exercises on Sunday night and 3 times on Monday, twice yesterday, once this morning, and now I am pain-free! This is the best $20 I ever spent!”

Daniel Formby
Lindale, TX

I just got the Unlock Your Hip Flexors last week and I’m already noticing improvement in my range of motion and pain!

My pain isn’t completely gone yet, but again, it’s only been a week.

It helps that you can access the videos on your phone, so I do my exercises on the go at work, and even at the grocery store if I’m feeling that stiff. Trust me, it is 100% worth it.”

Maria Donado
Shawnee, KS

“I had the pain for too long and really wanted to heal it so I ordered the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program and started them along with the physical therapy exercises and within 10 days I already felt a difference.

At 82 years old, that’s remarkable! I wanted to thank you for your help and a new lease on life free from hip and sciatica pain.”

Dianne Schlegel
Allentown, PA

“The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program really works. Been doing this for a week now and, I haven’t had to use a cane. I’ve been able to walk like I haven’t in a long time.

Ed Linares
San Diego, CA

Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

What exactly is this 10-minute exercise routine, and how can you use it too?

Soon after these discoveries and new results, many of my clients asked me to turn this routine into a video program so they could send it to their friends and family in different locations, so they could experience the same great results too.

This is how the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program was born.

Unlock Your Hip Flexors is a video exercise program you can do at home, completely on your own. It’s a simple routine of easy and gentle movements that only require your body - you don’t need a gym or any equipment, and the whole program can be done in just 10 minutes a day.

The videos and manuals you get with this program slowly demonstrate each stretch and exercise, so you can learn to do them perfectly. I also show you exactly the right sequence to do the exercises, exactly how many repetitions and sets you should do, how to modify the exercises to make them easier and gentler, and how to progress to increase your results. Everything is laid out for you, in explicit detail.

You can do this exercise routine.
It doesn’t matter how old you are, how out-of-shape you feel, or how busy you are...

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors exercise routine was designed to be easy, gentle and highly-effective for everyone, including:

  • People of all ages - you can do this if you’re 26, 36, 46, 56, 66, 76 or older
  • People who have very little time - this routine only takes around 10 minutes a day
  • People who are scared of exercising or getting hurt - these exercises are gentle, safe, and low-impact
  • People who are out-of-shape.. even people who have never exercised a day in their life

How this 10-minute exercise routine
is going to help you get back
to the life you love!

These are just some of the benefits you can expect when you use
the Unlock Your Hip Flexors programs:

  • Reduce and eliminate chronic pain.

    It just feels so good to wake up and realize your pain is gone! Most people don’t realize how much pain and discomfort is caused by tight hip flexors and the psoas major muscle. This program is going to reduce and eliminate these chronic pains in your back, hips, legs, knees and more, so you can get back to living a pain-free, active, healthy, happy life!

  • Lose weight.

    The psoas major muscle is sometimes called the “flight or fight” muscle because it tightens in dangerous situations. The problem is when your psoas is constantly tightened (usually due to too much sitting) your body interprets this as you being in constant danger. This produces stress, which produces cortisol, which makes your body go into fat-storing mode [34-36], and makes you crave fatty, sugary junk food. When you use this program to loosen and relax your psoas muscle, this whole weight gain cycle gets turned off!

  • Increased strength.

    Having looser hips has been shown to increase speed and strength, which combine to give you power. Increasing your power leads to better performance in your workouts and in the sports you play. Always remember, power comes from the hips! [27][44-45][49-54]

  • More energy every day.

    When you use Unlock Your Hip Flexors to loosen, relax and strengthen your psoas major muscle, you’re going to make things a lot easier for your body, and in return it will shed unwanted pounds, eliminate your chronic pains and increase your strength. When these things happen, your body will have to spend less and less energy fixing problems, and it will make all that extra energy available to you, so you can feel a lot better every day!

  • Better sleep.

    Most people underestimate the importance of sleep. One of the most powerful effects of this program is: you will sleep better. When you align, loosen and relax your hip flexors, you will decrease the discomfort that has built up in multiple areas of your body. When you’re more comfortable, it’s a lot easier for your body to rest and recuperate while you sleep. [30]

  • Save time and money.

    When your hips are looser and stronger, you’ll get fewer injuries from exercising and your daily routines. Fewer injuries means fewer doctor and physical therapy appointments, which saves you both time and money. [19-26][29][49-54]

Why most hip flexor treatments and programs DON’T WORK

(and why this one does)

Other exercise programs and treatment methods

Unlock Your Hip Flexors

  • Ineffective at reaching and training the psoas major muscle and hip flexors
  • Uses 6 different modalities and a special sequence of exercises that “unlock” and access the hip flexors like no other program
  • Treats symptoms only, not the real cause of pain and physical problems
  • Targets the hip flexors and psoas major muscle specifically, which are the ultimate cause of many pains and physical problems. When the cause of these problems is resolved, the problems go away, for good.
  • Provides only temporary relief
  • Provides long-term and permanent relief because this exercise routine compensates for extended sitting and protects against further damage to the hip flexors and psoas major muscle
  • Ineffective
  • This program actually works because it is based on the conclusions of real scientific and medical research papers and studies and has been rigorously tested for many years in the real-world, with real people who have these specific pains and problems
  • Costly
  • You can get this whole program and 2 special bonuses right now for just one payment of $20 (+ $7.95 S&H)
  • Time consuming
  • This whole program takes only 10 minutes a day to complete
  • Difficult to learn and do
  • This program was specifically designed to be very easy to learn and do, because the only way you will get the results you want is if you do this program on a consistent basis
  • Too intense or scary
  • This program was specifically designed to be easy, gentle and low-impact so virtually anyone could do it, regardless of age, flexibility, mobility, weight, or ability


  • Say goodbye to your chronic, nagging pain and injuries?
  • Lose weight and enjoy feeling lighter and healthier all day?
  • Get back the energy you had when you were much younger? (More energy is what makes life feel AMAZING!)
  • Improve the quality of your sleep?
  • Get back to doing your favorite hobbies and sports?
  • Play with your kids and grandkids again, without the pain?
  • Feel better emotionally? (When your body feels better, you will have less anxiety and depression!)
  • Increase your strength, endurance and performance in the gym and sports you love to play?
  • Sit, stand, walk and run for long periods of time again with no pain?
  • Enjoy life more because you’re thinking about your pain and physical problems less, or not at all?

Who created the Unlock
Your Hip Flexors program?

Hi, I’m Rick Kaselj and I’d like to tell you just a little bit about me, so you can feel comfortable that the exercise routine you’re going to see on this page - Unlock Your Hip Flexors, comes from a credible authority, with expert-level training and experience.

Here are a few relevant facts about me:

  • Over the last 24 years, I’ve helped thousands of people loosen, strengthen and heal their psoas major muscle and hip flexors, so they could eliminate stubborn, chronic pains, lose weight, get stronger and healthier, and increase their energy and vitality on a daily basis!
  • I have personally conducted thousands of training and pain-reduction sessions.
  • I have reviewed and carefully scrutinized hundreds of scientific and medical research papers and studies.
  • I’ve been a practicing, Registered Kinesiologist for 24 years
  • I spent 6 years at university studying Kinesiology, Corrective Exercise and Therapeutic Exercise, and got my Master’s Degree in Exercise Science.

What exactly do you get in the
Unlock Your Hip Flexors program?


You get two videos on this DVD.

The first is the Instructional Video, which is your virtual personal training session with me, Rick Kaselj. In this video I will:

  • SLOWLY DEMONSTRATE, STEP-BY-STEP, exactly how to do each exercise perfectly, so you can definitely get it right
  • Show you common mistakes people make doing these exercises, so you also know what NOT to do
  • Give you EVERYTHING you need - exactly how many repetitions and sets you should do, time and intensity, what you should feel as you do the exercises so you know you’re doing them right, and more.

The second is the Follow-Along Video, which is your virtual personal coaching session with me.

This video makes doing this program SUPER-EASY. When you’re ready to do your exercise sequence for the day, just play this Follow-Along Video and do each of the stretches and exercises following right along. While you do that, I’ll be counting out time and reps, and coaching you along the way.


You also get a comprehensive manual with greater depth about the psoas muscle and the effects of its tightening on your health and well-being. This handy guide includes:

  • All of the gentle, but highly-effective exercises, stretches and movements you’ll use in this program. Each is explained in detail, with precise step-by-step instructions.
  • Start-position and end-position photos for every stretch and exercise
  • Common mistakes and how to avoid them
  • Tips, advice and instructions for everything else you need to know, like: number of repetitions, number of sets, how long each repetition should take, exactly what you should feel as you do each stretch and exercise so you can be SURE you’re doing them correctly, and how to progress if the exercises become too easy.



"The Key To A Healthy Back And Perfect Posture"

If your hamstrings are tight, they’re more susceptible to tearing. Whether you're an elite athlete, stay-at-home mom, or Average Joe, a muscle tear in the back of your legs can take months to heal, making life very challenging.

In today's world, most people sit all day long - at work, in the car, and at home. All that sitting over time increases tightness in the hamstrings. Tight hamstrings cause the hips and pelvis to rotate back, which flattens the lower back, causing lower back pain and poor posture.

This easy, gentle exercise routine is specifically designed to loosen and strengthen tight hamstrings, and it only takes minutes each day. The Unlock Your Tight Hamstrings program helps reduce the likelihood of injury, improves performance, corrects posture, and can also alleviate pain in the lower back. [19-26][29][49-54]

The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet

"Automatically Heal Your Body With The Right Foods"

The Unlock Your Hip Flexors program is designed to bring you all the benefits of looser hip flexors with greater strength, power and flexibility.

But its benefits are multiplied when combined with a holistic diet to naturally alleviate pains, aches, soreness and stiffness by tackling inflammation caused by injury or environmental toxins in our food and water. Your diet is one of the major causes of inflammatory responses leading to health deterioration.

Now, you can help improve your body's response to inflammation by choosing the right foods that work with your body to stimulate its natural healing abilities.

The 7-Day Anti-Inflammatory Diet is a done-for-you nutrition program featuring diet recommendations, meal plans, shopping lists, and supplement tips to help your body automatically heal itself.

Don’t BUY… TRY!

Try the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program
RISK-FREE for 60 days!

This program comes with a 60-day, no-hassles, no-questions-asked, 100% money-back guarantee. Take the next 60 days to test drive my whole program to MAKE SURE you are getting the results you want!

If you’re not getting the results you want, or you’re not completely ecstatic, or you just decide to change your mind... all you have to do is contact my team anytime within 60 days of the date of your purchase at (888) 291-2430 or [email protected], and we will immediately issue you a full refund.

Why do I offer a 60-day, 100% money-back guarantee on Unlock Your Hip Flexors?

  • To show you how confident I am in this program. This program is based on real scientific studies and research. It includes exercises, movements, and sequences that you won’t find anywhere else.
  • I want you to know that you have no risk, so you can get this program and use it with peace-of-mind. I want you to be focused on learning and doing the easy, gentle movements and stretches in this program so you can reduce and eliminate your chronic, stubborn pains, lose weight, increase your strength, endurance and energy, so you feel much better every day! I don’t want you to have to worry about whether this is going to work, or whether you’re going to lose out, or anything like that. With my 60-day guarantee, you can put your mind at ease and just focus on doing the program and getting the results you want.

So, don’t buy the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program…

TRY IT OUT first, for a full 60 days…

And if at any time during that period, you want your money back instead, just let my team know, and you will have it!

TRY my Unlock Your Hip Flexors
program… for 60 days, with no risk.

If you order today, you’ll get the entire
Unlock Your Hip Flexors
AND THE 2 BONUSES shipped to your door
for just $20 + $7.95 S&H
(regular price = $30 + $7.95 S&H)

(Don’t wait… next week the price goes back up to $30 + $7.95 S&H,
and the bonuses will no longer be included!)

Just click the yellow button to get started:

(Comes with iron-clad, 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee)

CLICK HERE NOW to get Unlock Your Hip Flexors
AND THE 2 SPECIAL BONUSES, all for just one payment of $20 + $7.95 S&H
(Regular price is $30 + $7.95 S&H)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’m almost 70 - can I do this program?

Absolutely. This program is very low impact, and uses a gradual progression approach, which means we start out very slowly and gently, and then increase the intensity and duration of the exercises and stretches only as much as you can safely handle.

Q: How long does it take each day to do the exercises in this program?

This whole exercise routine is designed to take around 10 minutes to complete. It may take a little longer in the beginning as you’re first learning the stretches and movements, but you’ll have it down to around 10 minutes in no time because this sequence is very easy to learn.

Q: How long until I see results?

Although everyone is different and will experience different results, many people start feeling better, stronger and more energetic in as little as 7 days.

Q: Can I use this program if I’ve had an injury or surgery?

The answer to this is very individual. It depends on what type of injury or surgery you’ve had and how you’ve recovered from them. It’s best to ask your surgeon or doctor to see if this program is suitable for you.

Q: Are the stretches and movements difficult to perform? What if I’m weak or out-of-shape?

Don’t worry – all of these exercises are easy to perform, even if you feel weak, inflexible, or out-of-shape. This routine was specifically designed for people who are in pain and have difficulty moving, and can easily be performed by people of any age, weight, or level of ability. Each stretch, movement and exercise is very gentle, so you never have to worry.

Q: How long does it take to get my DVDs and manuals in the mail?

It typically takes the warehouse about 1 – 3 business days to prepare and ship out your package. We use the U.S. Postal Service, and their expected mailing times are as follows:

  • If you live in the continental U.S., it will take 3 – 5 business days to receive your package after it’s been shipped.
  • If you live in another part of North America (e.g. Canada, Mexico, or states outside of the continental U.S.), it can take 7 – 14 business days for the package to arrive at your address, after it’s been shipped.
  • If you live outside of North America (e.g. Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia), it can take 14 – 20 business days to arrive, after it’s been shipped.

If it’s been longer than the expected delivery time as described above and you still have not received your DVD and printed manual, please email us at [email protected], or call us at 1-888-291-2430.

Q: Do I need a gym membership or any special equipment?

No. You can do this routine with just your body, a floor and a wall!

Q: What if the Unlock Your Hip Flexors program doesn’t work for me?

The chances are very good that it will work for you, but just so you feel totally comfortable… if you decide, for any reason, or no reason at all, that you’d rather get your money back, we will refund all your money, no questions asked, as long as you contact us within 60 days of your date of purchase.

TRY my Unlock Your Hip Flexors
program… for 60 days, with no risk.

If you order today, you’ll get the entire
Unlock Your Hip Flexors
AND THE 2 BONUSES shipped to your door
for just $20 + $7.95 S&H
(regular price = $30 + $7.95 S&H)

(Don’t wait… next week the price goes back up to $30 + $7.95 S&H,
and the bonuses will no longer be included!)

Just click the yellow button to get started:

(Comes with iron-clad, 60-Day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee)

CLICK HERE NOW to get Unlock Your Hip Flexors
AND THE 2 SPECIAL BONUSES, all for just one payment of $20 + $7.95 S&H
(Regular price is $30 + $7.95 S&H)

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