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Thank for your order of Unlock Your Hip Flexors. I’m confident you’re going to love the program and I can’t wait for you to get started. It really is going to make a huge difference to release your hips and help you achieve better mobility, enjoy more energy and feel stronger and healthier.

Many of our valued customers, however, find there is something holding them back from jumping into the program with as much vigor as they hoped.

And that obstacle is PAIN.

Pain may be the difference between completing a program successfully and not quite getting the results hoped for. When pain is managed, it is possible to complete a program without a hitch.

When I discovered a large proportion of UYHF customers were suffering with pain that held them back from working out or made exercise that little bit harder, we wanted to do something about it.

That’s why we’re offering the chance to get our Fix My Pain Series for 87% off its normal price.

The Fix My Pain Series contains 11 of our best pain, injury and workout programs that together usually cost $309.95. Today, you can get all 11 programs for only $39.

Each program focuses on a specific body part with detailed instructions and videos showing you exactly how to deal with pain in your back, neck, shoulders and knees.

Fix My Pain is your comprehensive library of pain, injury and exercise programs

At some point, everyone experiences pain. The best way to stay mobile, moving and pain-free as much as possible is to know how to deal with pain when it happens or learn how prevent pain BEFORE it occurs.

That’s what makes the Fix My Pain package so powerful, it is a resource for ANY type of pain. Here is everything you get in the Fix My Pain Series:

1. Fix My Shoulder Pain

If you have shoulder pain, the Fix My Shoulder Pain program shows you Rick Kaselj’s innovative “Shoulder Reshaping 3-Part Method“ (or SR3 Method, for short). This method is designed to help heal and eliminate shoulder pain and get back to full functionality and intensity in the gym. Rick’s SR3 Method doesn’t just stretch and strengthen the shoulders, which only provides temporary relief. Rick’s method focuses on building the whole shoulder joint back to strength from the outside and the inside, by focusing on alignment, tissue quality and activation and endurance.

  • The 4 most common shoulder injuries, and how to figure out which you have… (this is critical because treating the wrong injury not only wastes time and energy, but could actually make things worse for you)
  • Why you need to reshape your shoulder if you want lasting pain relief and a return to full functionality in your arms and shoulders… and how Rick Kaselj’s “Shoulder Reshaping 3-Part Method” helps do this
  • The #1 reason people get shoulder injuries in the gym
  • The “Neck Touch” test to measure progress to pain-free shoulders (this is important because we need a reliable way to see if what we’re doing is working, so we can change our approach if it’s not!)
  • How poor posture reshapes the shoulder over time. Rick demonstrates how to reshape your shoulder towards a healthy state using simple and easy exercises anyone can do. He also shows how to “train in” good posture
  • The healthiest way to sit in a chair - great, not only for your shoulders, but your overall health

2. Fix My Neck Pain

If you sit at a desk, work at a computer, or own a cell phone, the chances are you either have, or will have, neck pain at some point. This comprehensive program includes more than 60 exercises and stretches to help reduce and eliminate your neck pain, and prevent it from coming back.

Here’s some of what you Rick shows you in this program:

  • One of the biggest causes of neck pain and injuries (outside of trauma) is posture. [Source: https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/exercise/common-posture-mistakes-and-fixes/] In this program, you learn what good posture is, and get some exercises designed to “train in” good posture
  • How to reduce neck pain by tackling muscle imbalances in your shoulder… (don’t worry if that sounds complicated - it’s super easy to do and takes only minutes)
  • Low-impact, self-massage techniques you can do with any ball aimed at reducing your neck pain
  • How to test your own posture in less than one minute, to see if it’s helping or hurting your neck
  • Many people don’t realize how much the shoulder is involved in neck pain. That’s why we work on strengthening and lengthening shoulder muscles and tendons to take some of the workload off of the neck

3. Fix My Knee Pain

This is a complete program designed to alleviate knee pain, whether it is Ligament Knee Pain, Internal Knee Pain or Kneecap Pain (which includes Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome). Rick’s innovative external and internal knee reshaping method is included in full in this program.

Here’s some of what you Rick shows you in this program:

  • The #1 key to overcoming knee pain
  • How to figure out which of the three types of knee pain you have, so you know which part of this program to focus on. (Different types of knee pain require different approaches)
  • For each of the three types of knee pain, which are: Ligament Knee Pain, Internal Knee Pain and Kneecap Pain, Rick advises you on what makes each worse, what makes each better and what to do to reduce and eliminate pain
  • Why hydration is so important for healing your knees

4. Fix My Foot Pain

Before resorting to injections and special shoe inserts, try Fix My Foot Pain. This comprehensive, 3-stage program includes easy and gentle stretches, mobility exercises, and self-massage techniques designed to eliminate your foot pain. You can do everything from the comfort of your own home, in just a few minutes each day.

Here’s some of what you Rick shows you in this program:

  • A study in 2003 showed that one specific stretch targeting the plantar fascia (which Rick will teach you in this program), got much better results than stretches that target the Achilles tendon (which is what most physical therapists and health professionals recommend for foot pain!)
  • Which of the two kinds of shoe inserts help to heal Plantar Fasciitis?
  • How to properly target the plantar fascia while doing stretches
  • The 9 different approaches and methods to eliminate Plantar Fasciitis and foot pain
  • Self massage techniques to help relieve foot pain using a foam roller, a bottle or a ball

5. Fix My Back Pain

Back pain can hold anyone back from doing the workouts they want. This comprehensive program for fixing back pain uses Rick’s unique back reshaping method. And it is possible to customize each workout depending on the kind of back pain you have - Sprains and Strains, Disc Herniations and Bulges, Sciatica and others.

Here’s some of what you Rick shows you in this program:

  • Why strengthening and stretching your back only provides temporary pain relief
  • The #1 key to overcome back pain
  • How your core affects your back, and exactly what to do to strengthen it... properly
  • The best way to loosen up your back, loosen up your hips, dynamically stretch your muscles and warm up your body before you do back pain exercises
  • How to release some of the pain in your back with deep belly breathing… this naturally relaxes the subconscious tightening happening in your back when you have pain
  • Why back pain is often caused by muscle imbalances, and how to re-balance your body to eliminate the back pain

6. Indestructible Shoulders

Indestructible Shoulders is an 8-week program that can help strengthen your shoulders allowing you to increase the intensity and duration of your workouts, and help prevent future injuries. This program can be easily incorporated into your regular exercise routine.

Here’s some of what you Rick shows you in this program:

  • Why you don’t need to use a lot of weight to stabilize and strengthen your shoulders… but you do need to be mindful when you do it
  • How to strengthen and protect your shoulders without adding any extra time to your workouts
  • How to sculpt your shoulders, with just a ball and a wall
  • How you can strengthen your shoulders by doing a few simple exercises during your recovery sets and rest breaks in the gym

7. Bench Press Explosion

The bench press is one of the most popular exercises in existence, but many people avoid bench pressing due to concerns about how to do it. Don’t miss out on this major move. This video and PDF guide walk you through how to perfect your bench press technique and form so you can improve results, and do it without pain.

8. Indestructible Back

This program is perfect for you if you want to amp up the intensity and duration of your workouts, get more growth and better results, and transform your back so it’s stronger than ever and protects you better than ever against injury. This 8-week program utilizes self-massage, physical awareness, flexibility, isometrics, and strength training, that all combine to help you build an Indestructible Back.

9. Pain Free Deadlifting

If you deadlift incorrectly, you’re practically begging for a lower back injury. Learn the basics and become a pro at this full-body exercise that trains your body as a unit, in a safe and effective way.

10. Indestructible Knees

Heal and protect your knees to intensify workouts without worrying. This 6-week program is easy to integrate into existing workouts and is designed to transform your knees from a weakness to a strength.

11. Pain Free Squatting

The squat has been called “the king” of all exercises because it incorporates so many different muscle groups and can strengthen the major muscle groups. This guide is designed to show you how to make sure you’re doing this powerful exercise correctly so you can reap its rewards, while avoiding possible injuries.

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Now you’ve seen everything in the Fix My Pain series, you may be able to see what a difference this could make to your progress.

Pain holds us back from really achieving what we want. I don’t want that for you or any of our Unlock Your Hip Flexors customers.

The great thing about the Fix My Pain series is that it comes as an online program, so you can get started right away. When you add Fix My Pain to your order today for just $39, once the order is complete you will have instant access to every one of the programs so you can make changes TODAY.

It’s really not just a program… it’s a RESOURCE for any pain you may experience now or in the future. And you can get every single program covering all the most common pains and problems for a fraction of the $309.95 it would cost to buy all of them separately.

Plus, there is no risk to you with our iron-clad money back guarantee.

Test the Fix My Pain series to see if it’s right for you with our 60-day 100% money-back guarantee

You’re going to love the Fix My Pain Series, particularly when you see the results. Like Unlock Your Hip Flexors, I’m confident you will be left feeling great but if you’re unsatisfied or unhappy for any reason at all, there’s no risk to you. Simply contact a member of my team on (800) 213-3485 or email us at [email protected] and we’ll give you a full, 100% refund. No questions asked.

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