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For Just $10 — Discover How You Can:

  • Cleanse “Toxic Tissues” That Cause Aches & Pains
  • Feel Almost NO Aching Soreness After Workouts
  • Accelerate Trimming With Rich, Oxygenated Muscles

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You probably know your muscles tear every time you exercise... even walking up stairs.

Don’t worry, because as long as you have good form — this is perfectly healthy.

In fact, when you know how to RECOVER properly…

Not only can you wipe away achy sore spots... you could also:

Accelerate your body trimming
with healthier, flexible tissues

And, you won’t need a gym, expensive trainers, or massage appointments to do it.

How’s this possible?

Because restoring your tissues builds strength, mobility and flexibility...

ALL of which are key components if you want an attractive, beach-ready body you’ll LOVE showing off to your friends.

Below, I’ll give you an insanely simple way to do it... for less than the price of a movie ticket.

(Even if you don’t care about losing weight or looking good in a swimsuit…

... you’re part of the family now... and that means I’m doing everything in my power to help you eliminate sore muscles

And RESTORE your limber joints and muscles — just like you were in your 20’s.

It’s just an added bonus that these quick-recovery moves help you get fit faster.)

First, let’s look at the TRUTH about recovery, so you can reach your fitness goals FASTER... without feeling so sore you don’t want to move.

A Slim, Healthy Body Is NOT Made In
The Gym… It’s Made During Recovery

Now, this kind of natural recovery does NOT come from icing... popping pain pills... or even random foam rolling.

(Even though it feels good).

Unless you know how to target the right muscles, in the right sequence —  you’ll only ever experience partial recovery.

See, the big workout mistake people make is skipping recovery.

This is terrible for 2 reasons:

  1. It can damage your tissues
  2. It can triple your time until FULL recovery, sometimes longer

Now, I know you might not be sure if YOU are recovering well or not.

So how do you tell? If you experience the following signs...

You May Have Pools Of “Bad Blood”
Polluting Your Tissues — Slowing Recovery

According to — your “knots”:

“...may be a patch of polluted tissue: a nasty little cesspool of waste metabolites.”

How do you know if you have them? Here’s 3 “red flags” that your tissues are NOT recovering well.

  • You wake up with stiffness & “kinks” in your muscles & joints
  • You’re tired of feeling tired all the time
  • Your soreness lingers days after exercise

Like a pile of rotten food rising up in your kitchen trash…


Ignore this?

And your muscles WON’T recover well, so you WILL feel sore.

Even worse, you’ll only experience a fraction of the results from all that hard work you put in.

And only a fraction of your fit-body goals.

That’s why I assembled a collection of my best recovery secrets, so you can get fitter, faster, and with almost NO soreness.

A Brand NEW Way To Restore, Recover &
Rejuvenate Tired Tissues — 4X FASTER

I’m about to show you a step-by-step program that combines the quick-recovery secrets of the world’s peak performers...

...PLUS my 2+ decades as a world-renowned injury recovery expert.

For recovery, there’s no better program (and certainly not at this price) to combat soreness and skyrocket your fitness.

Introducing: Muscle Regeneration Series

This is packaged specially for Unlock Your Hip Flexors customers... at an incredible one-time discounted price of $10.

(Personal clients pay $250+/hour to learn what I show you inside.)

“Why is this different from other recovery programs?”

  • This special 4-part video program is designed specifically to help you flush out the toxins that cause muscle soreness and pain
  • Shows you how to target the right muscles, in the right sequence — the ONLY way to unlock full tissue recovery
  • You simply can NOT get this kind of safe relief from a masseuse, from haphazard foam rolling, or from popping pain pills…

Here’s What You Get Inside
Muscle Regeneration Series:

Self Massage Recovery (Total Value: $7)

  • The “bearclaw trick” that releases tight tissues between your neck & shoulders. Do it in the car or on the couch... and feel like POUNDS of weight slide off your shoulders (Move #3)
  • Stiff ankles slowing you down? Pinching your achilles tendon this weird way softens your ankle, makes you more limber, and decreases pain (Move #8)
  • How to literally brush away back pain with your knuckles (works great when you’re standing in any long line) (Move #5)

Pain Ball Recovery (Total Value: $7)

  • The quickest, easiest way to activate clean blood flow to your body’s “hot spots” that are literally starved of oxygen (if you sit often, you need this)
  • BETTER THAN THE CHIRO “ACTIVATOR” TOOL. For true laser-targeted relief to the tightest spots on your back...use these 8 specialized moves to unravel even your worst “muscle knots” in seconds

Rolling Recovery (Total Value: $7)

  • Tired from sitting all day? DON’T go to bed without doing this 10-second move... or you’ll curse yourself with another stiff morning (Move #6)
  • The right way to use a foam roller and how long to press into it. If you activate your trigger points for too long... you risk tissue damage and slow healing
  • Feel more energetic, run circles around your kids & restore lower leg mobility with these two corrective leg muscle moves (Move #1 & 2)

  • Your back is like a toxic dump of “polluted tissue” — these little-known moves safely cleanse your body of waste — and flood you with healthy, oxygenated blood
  • 12 moves you’ve NEVER heard of that recover your muscles up to 8X FASTER

I’m offering it at this special $10 price for two reasons:

  1. Because I know recovery isn’t always taken seriously, I want to make it as easy as possible for you to get started
  2. I genuinely want to invite you to join the amazing group of people I’ve helped, like Linda...

Linda Lowen , from South Australia, sleeps like a baby now:

“...I had been experiencing pelvic pain and hamstring tightness after I seemed to hurt myself doing some sprints.

I had been doing other exercises and stretches for 4 weeks prior to buying your programs with no results.

I don’t know if it is a coincidence, but I have lost 2 and 1/2 kilos. I am sleeping better as I don’t get tightness in my piriformis muscle that used to wake me up with pain.”

And Lillian R. from San Jose, CA, who says:

“I have chronic back pain and was amazed at the relief I get from doing the short routine I learned.... Like 5 to 15 min [a day]!”

Kristy Koukal from Lakeland, MN was tired of dealing with tight muscles:

“... I can’t believe the difference it makes.

I have been exercising regularly so there are some days that my muscles are very tight, and doing my morning stretches has been awesome!”

Are you ready to make it EASY to get back to workouts... when normally you’d lie around feeling sore and tired?

If so, and if you’d like to accelerate your recovery up to 4x faster... then click the “Buy Now” button below to get started.

Remember, you get ALL of the programs below... literal decades of work boiled into one easy-to-follow program... for a tiny one-time payment of $10.

BANISH Sore Muscles & Speed Up Recovery 4X

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Combined Value:


Today’s Price:


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27th February 2024


No thanks, my whole body recovers fast enough already. I will pass on this forever.

Rick Kaselj

P.S. Still not 100% sure? That’s no problem — because I’m offering the same 60-day Ironclad Guarantee  on this product — as I did on Unlock Your Hip Flexors.

That means you get the incredible opportunity to try out Muscle Regeneration for 60 full days 100% risk-free.

That’s why I suggest you click the “Buy Now” button, try out the videos...

And let these restorative moves eliminate your soreness so you can get back to whatever life throws at you.


No thanks, my whole body recovers fast enough already. I will pass on this forever.


Ingraham, Paul, and Tim Taylor. “The Complete Guide to Trigger Points & Myofascial Pain (2017).”,, 12 Nov. 2017,

NOTE: “Muscle Regeneration Kit” published by Critical Bench is a pdf file and digital video package. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you’ll get INSTANT ACCESS to download all product components onto your computer. The format for all manuals, workbooks, checklists, etc, is adobe acrobat PDF which can be viewed on Mac or PC. Individual results may vary and just because you buy this program does not mean that it will work as well for you as it did for others. Like all things in life you’ll get out of it what you put into it, so if you just buy this and never read it you’re not going to develop any healthy habits.